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How to Advertise With Flyers During the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner. That means people are looking for bargains. One of the ways you can boost your profits, and make up for lost sales, is by advertising with flyers. Here are a few great ideas to help you get started.

Advertise flyers in the Sunday newspapers

One of the best ways of attracting busy shoppers during the holiday season is through the newspaper. That is when people start sorting through advertisements to see which stores are having “Black Friday” sales the day after Thanksgiving. Newspapers have great deals for this type of advertising. When you advertise in large quantities, they will often help you with the design process- free of charge!

You can find the ad rates by searching your local newspapers website. In addition, most newspapers will have special discounts if you distribute your flyers on any other day except Sunday. Even though people recommend advertising on Sundays, you can actually get better response rates on Thursdays or Fridays during the holidays because your not competing with a huge stack of other advertisers.

Advertise your flyers door-to-door

Another option is having an advertising service deliver your flyers door-to-door. This method of flyer distribution is effective because there are very few competitors that use this medium of advertising. Spend a little time researching and you can find a flyer distribution service for as little as $50 per thousand flyers. Take advantage of these low distribution prices and deliver 20,000 flyers at a time.

Advertise ahead of your competition

Businesses start advertising their Christmas products the day before Thanksgiving and sometimes the day after. You can beat your competition to the punch by advertising a few days or maybe even a week ahead of everyone else. That way people view your flyers message first!

Advertising in a week economy is difficult. However, even with the current financial crisis on Wall Street, you can find ways to boost your revenue during the holidays- advertising with flyers is just one of them.

The Best Times to Advertise With Flyers

Have you ever asked yourself if there might be a better time to advertise with flyers, but you’re not sure when the best times are? This is how you find out the best times to advertise your goods and services when using flyers.

Best day of the week

People respond to advertisements differently depending on what day of the week it is. Mondays are one of the worst days because people are recovering from the weekend, and the majority of people don’t want to spend the new start of the week reading advertisements.

On the other hand, Thursdays and Fridays are great times to advertise, because people will be making plans for the weekend. If you have a product or service that people can work into their weekend schedule, then you increase your chances of getting a response from your flyer advertisement.

Best week of the month

One thing you have to consider when advertising with flyers- not everyone gets paid at the same time. Some people get paychecks at the end of the month, and some at the beginning. Just like some people get paychecks on Mondays, and some people get paychecks on Fridays. To find out the best day of the week to advertise your flyers, just look at your monthly sales charts to see what week tends to be your busiest. Then you can advertise your flyers during the slow periods, or the busiest periods- depending on your advertising strategy.

Best month of the year

Not only do you want to research the best days of the week, and the best weeks of the month, you need to consider the best month(s) of the year to advertise with flyers. Consumers are more responsive during the holidays- because they’re looking for the bargains.

Knowing the best times to advertise with flyers for your business will have a dramatic effect on the profits you make from advertising. When you advertise with flyers take time to research the best days, weeks, and months to improve the results of your flyer advertising campaigns.

How to Advertise With Flyers

When you first start out on your business venture, money is usually tight but you still need to advertise. One of the most affordable, yet very effective, ways to begin your advertising campaign is with flyers. Flyers are simply full page ads that are distributed directly to your potential customers. There are several ways in which they can be distributed.

You can either make the flyers yourself or have them made professionally, which might not be in the budget. 😉 There are several points to remember when designing your flyer, just as in writing ads or any other sales copy.

1. You want your flyer to get people’s attention, so don’t just use your boring, standard white paper. Use bright, alive and cheerful colors to bring out the message you are trying to convey.

2. The flyer’s purpose is to sell, not to let everyone know your name. The flyer is not a business card. On the flyer, you want to highlight your problem solving product/service.

For example: Ants a problem in your house. We can get rid of them in just a few hours. No more problem!

3. Use incentives and/or closing dates to get people to act NOW!

Call NOW and get 10% Off our Regular Price! 1-800-ANT-B-Gone

4. Adding a few testimonials to the flyer can also be very effective. Highlight comments of past satisfied customers. List your qualifications as well, making sure to set yourself apart from other similar companies.

5. Another good idea is to encourage referrals. Having a statement such as, ” If you are not in need of our product or service, please pass this along to someone who is.” You might be pleasantly surprised at how many customers this one line can bring in!

6. Don’t forget about the back of your flyer. Take advantage of this space as well. List some of your specials, sales, more testimonials, incentives, etc.

7. Do not stop at one try. You MUST follow-up!

8. Test your flyers as well. Use different incentives, headlines, paper colors and see which ones get the best response.

9. Distribute your flyers in targeted areas. If you offer a business opportunity, try distributing them at the unemployment office. If you offer weight loss products, visit the local gyms and exercise studios.

There are several ways you can distribute your flyers, once you have designed them and printed them out.

Post your flyers on Public Bulletin Boards found in grocery stores, community centers, banks, post offices, laundromats, etc.

Hand them out outside of targeted buildings such as stores, unemployment office, restaurants, etc. Never push your flyers on anyone. If they hand it back, smile and accept it back. Do not block doorways or sidewalks! If handing flyers out in stores, malls, etc., be sure and get permission.

Parades and other public events are great places to hand out flyers. Do not engage in conversation, just smile and offer the flyers. If they do not take it, move on.